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Deb McKnight IFBB Pro doing a one arm row looking at camera.
Deb McKnight IFBB Pro photo shoot wearing black shorts and leopard top straddling a decorative lion.
Deb McKnight IFBB Pro kneeling on bench with dumbbell looking back at camera.
Deb McKnight IFBB Pro on the lat pulldown machine in a leopard two piece suit.

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Deb McKnight IFBB Pro holding infant son, Bill Dobbins photo shoot

About Me

Welcome to everything bodybuilding and fitness! I’m Debby McKnight, former IFBB Pro. My company Fitting Image has been operating in Los Angeles since 1992.

I’m what people call an “Old School Guru”. With 40+ years of experience.  I know what works.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. I’ve lived it and put my body & soul into helping others.

Whether you want to be fit, fierce, or fabulous, my goal is to help you be the best version of you. To get to the next level, sometimes it takes challenging what you think you know.

Bodybuilding isn’t only for the behemoth mass monster; it’s for those svelte bikini clad beauties, and every person in between who wants to be living lean.

Bodybuilding is a craft that merges art and science. So, whether you have landed here for general fitness information, training & nutrition advice, or just plain curiosity, you’ve come to the right place.





What makes my training methods different than others?

Whether you are a beginner just starting your fitness quest, or a seasoned gym goer who needs to rethink their methods, I can help you reach your goals.

Most trainers do very little to assist in their clients’ development of great form. Either they lack the visual ability or knowledge to spot the mistakes, or they just don’t bother. This is a huge disservice to the person paying them.

Other trainers just do unspecific random motion that is ineffective. Why do you think most people make very little change in their bodies, even after years of training? Lack of biomechanically specific training targeting each area with the needed focus and intensity leads to unrealized potential…in other words, zero results.

Technique is everything; even slight adjustments can make or break your progress. So many people run to YouTube or Instagram to get their advice. Sometimes you find some great things; however, I’ve watched many “experts” with horrendous posture teaching others bad form. That bad form when duplicated can lead to poor aesthetics, permanent postural defects, and eventually injuries.

So, whether you choose a one-time consultation to revamp your program, weekly one-on-one private training, or subscribe to any of my other offerings, I am confident you will gain new tools and insight for future success.
Deb McKnight IFBB Pro in gold posing suit in a twisting lat pose.
Cover of Fitting Image's eBook titled Living Lean The Basics featuring Fitting Image logo and image of a couple on a hike.

The road to a great fitness and nutrition program can be complex and confusing. Take the first step by learning the basics of living lean.

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