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Good nutrition is crucial, not only for health and longevity, but to reach all other goals related to your physique. This includes:
  •  Building Lean Muscle and Reducing Body Fat
  •  Fueling Properly Pre and Post Workout
  •  Increasing Stamina and Endurance
In my experience, having the discipline to make dietary changes is harder for most people than mustering up the discipline to train regularly. Maybe it is because we’ve been conditioned to use food to emotionally comfort us in times of stress & sadness on one side, and celebration & happiness on the other.

The average person doesn’t look at food as fuel like a bodybuilder would, fuel that needs to be adjusted constantly in response to body demands and training.

The most common response I get when talking about dietary changes to the average person is “I can’t do that.” Whether it be as a response to the suggestion to not eat late at night, or cutting out alcohol, or lowering carbs, the response is generally “I can’t do that.”

The honest truth is that if you are not willing to make any changes, it won’t be that you CAN’T lean out or build muscle, it is that you WON’T. All I can say is… GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!
Learning the ebb and flow of dietary adjustments, and how to eat for a lifetime, is how people who’ve been in this business as long as I have, continue to be fit and lean for so many years.

Yes, for the competitive athlete, there is a 12–16-week period of deprivation to chisel the body pre-contest. But there is a science behind this, so that no muscle is lost.

Also, most competitors have wised up to the fact that it isn’t necessary to super bulk, in other words, get fat in the off-season, to build lean mass. The extreme dieting to shed all that unwanted fat causes too much muscle loss in the end and is counter-productive to consistent long-held gains.

Some diet plans suggest that you cut out all fats, or all carbs, or all dairy, or all meat; none of these are even mildly nutritionally balanced. Yes, you must moderate certain things and balance your macros within each meal, but to totally deplete yourself of any one nutrient is not healthy or recommended.

No one eats perfectly 100% of the time. However, learning how to balance your food on a practical day-to-day basis is sustainable for a lifetime.

The most common issue people have is the belief that a successful food plan is just temporary. I don’t like to use the word “diet” since this evokes this idea. A motivated person will go all gung-ho on a temporary “special” diet whether it be keto, Adkins, plant-based, low calorie, etc. with the unspoken idea that they will do it for a specified period of suffering. Once they start getting results, they stop and return to their previous lack-of-discipline style of eating… just to lose whatever progress they made.
Foods used in a keto diet formed in the shape of a question mark representing the complexities of good nutrition.
Image of healthy fats like sardines, avocados, nuts, seeds, and salmon.

They get angry and blame the “diet” and go searching for something else that works, still harboring the idea that there must be some trick, or way of eating out there, that they can do for a very short period, and keep the results when they go back to bad eating. IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Get over the idea that you are special in this realm; whatever makes you fat, most likely makes me and everyone else fat! So, stop searching for a secret somewhere that will give you the results you want with no lasting effort or discipline. Learn sustainable balance.

You are not alone in the search for the quick fix, no effort, no discipline, swallow a pill, take a shot, injection-fueled, lipo-based solution to the ‘Ideal” body. People spend billions every year for snake oil.

To ensure your success, basic nutritional guidance is included with all training packages. To go one step further, I offer fully personalized meal plans based on your calorie needs, food preferences & sensitivities, and training schedule. Each 10-week custom nutrition plan includes:

  • Initial Consultation w/Bodyfat Calculation and Measurements
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • One Full Week Personalized Menus
  • Plan Adjustments as Needed w/Additional Menus
  • Recipes and Product Recommendations
  • Weekly Follow-ups

I have often had people come to me for just “diet”, telling me that their training in on track. They tell me how hard they are training, and what weights they are using, adamant their workouts need no adjustments.

However, once I convince them to let me train them for just one week through each body part, they quickly learn that their training was not as “on track” as they perceived. Food plans won’t give you the results you desire when your training is subpar.

Take the first step toward reaching your goals, by clicking the link below to choose your Training w/Custom Nutrition Package. All training clients receive their Custom Nutrition Package at 50% off!

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